The fascists are coming.
We meet and then say,
"Ay! The fascists are coming!"
And the others say, "Oh fuck!
We need to stop their march!"

"I can do that.
I feel safe and good doing this."

"I can form a solidarity group.
If someone feels unsafe
In this city, the can come
To my place."

"I have faced Nazis before and
I feel safe at the frontlines of
This blockade."

The whole group says,
"Of course we'll stop them.
This is what feminism,
And antiracism is about.
There is no doubt that fascism is bad
And that we should show resistance."


There's been a problem between youths from different schools. Two youths are talking.

"This dude was hurting me. I don't understand how one could do that. What should I do?"
"Have you talked to someone you trust who has influence over them?"
"Yeah. They told me I have rights and how I can protect myself. What should I do about this person that hurt me?"
"What do you wanna do?"
"Nothing. They told me they'll file a report and tomorrow I'll see a councelor coz I'm a valuable member of society."

I read my diary the other day.
It took me back to when I was
Still hurting.
Do you remember when we were
Always prepared
In our bodies
In our souls
In our minds
To defend and protect
What is rightfully ours?
It feels like so long ago
And yet, I can still feel it
Aching like an old wound.

I remember dreaming about
The day when I would feel
Whole and safe
And the tension in my neck
Would give way to
Blissful calm. Peace and relaxation.

Now, I see my children.
They have what I hoped for them.
We decolonized and built our



Maija Baijukya

Danielle Lindholm

Begard Reza

Emilia Mirani